Reveal : Secret Formula For Hair Loser.

Hey guys,

Stop losing your lovely hair. Stop it while you can with this easy method that I get it from the older one. As you know, the method that told by the older one is always true because in the past, there is no science about hair before. So they use the traditional way to solve the problem. So today, I want to focus on the losing hair. So this post is dedicated to the bold hair person.

Before I go further, I’m sorry for the person who faces this problem actually. This problem is so hard to solve as I see on the Chinese movie before, they told on that movie, there is no such drugs, medicine or herbs to solve this kind of problem. In this movie, the Chinese is the famous traditional doctor who is expert in herbs. But in the case of hair problem, he said there is no medicine or herbs for that. After I see that movie, I told myself there is no way for me to give the hope to the customer about how to solve the losing hair. But actually, that movie is so long ago. Nowadays, there a lot of science experiments have been done to solve this problem. Some experiment cost till $1 million just for finding the cure of this problem. And there also a true science behind it.

Well, I also make some experiment to it. I find this traditional cure from the older one. He told me that, if you use these thing that you actually always use it and apply it to your losing hair in the daily basis, you can solve this problem. What is this thing actually?

So, now I want to reveal it. The thing that you need to use to solve this problem is “White Onion”.  Yes, white onion. I’m surely you know what white onion is. Right?

So, how to use it? First you need to get the white onion. Then, you crushed it. The crushing onion is used to make the hair grow. Let me tell you, what inside the white onion. “ “

Well, there you are. Try it. The best time to put the crushing onion is at night before you go to sleep. OK, try it.

Are you having another method to solve this losing hair problem? Share it with us by comment at below

Don’t know what to talk about while cutting the customer hair? Try this method

Hey guys,

Have you ever in the situation where you are eager to talk to the customer because you want to win his heart but don’t know what to talk with the customer? Have you face this kind of problems?

I’m sure you do. Because I also have face this too. As for my case, I got too many customers to dealt with. On the regular basis, I cut about 15 customer per day. Sometimes happen, I just ask customer how he wants to cut their hair and I just go ahead cut his demanded hairstyle without talking. But luckily, my cutting is as good as talking. That mean, my cutting makes all the talking. When the customer looks into the mirror of his face after I finish cutting his hair, he will smile and thanks me because of the cutting I made. That is my case. Your case, I don’t know. I’m afraid that your cutting is not powerful as I do.

So I want to share to you what can you do to overcome this so that your customer feel happy to you even though your cutting is not good as it does.

Well, what is the thing that you can talk about with customer if you have no idea to talk about? Here is some of the thing that you can easily talk to the customer.

  • Talk about hair – Well this is a very easy thing that you can talk to the customer. Plus it can increase your credibility as the master of haircut. Why I said you are master of haircut? Simply because the customer has trusted you to cut his hair so you are the master of haircut. You can talk about the hair of customer while you cutting it. How to do it? Well, see your customer hair. What did you see? Are there any unfamiliar or weird thing about your customer hair? like grey hair, damage hair, problematic hair, thick hair or etc. All of this you can use to talk to the customer. I always talk about it. Example: when I see the customer have a grey hair, I simple told the customer “There a lot of grey on your hair” Surely the customer will respond. As he responds it, use this opportunity to make the conversation. Besides that, as the customer respond to you, you actually have an opportunity to sell the product to the customer. This will make you gain more money. You see? How simple is that?

So, that it. That could be the winning conversation. Just try it. You got nothing to lose there. And i have done it before and it always work for me.

Do you have any other idea to talk about with your customer, share it with us by comment on the below of the post.

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How well are you in hair design

Are you one of the hairstylist in this world? Do you know how well you are in the hair design? Do you think you good enough in haircut? So..Let me test you a little bit and you tell me your mark… Deals?

Here is some question that you need to answer and count your mark. By answering it, you will get your mark in the hair cutting arena. (If you don’t want to involve in this test, no problem bro)

Here are the questions. Good luck.

  1. When customer come to your salon, how do you greet and welcoming them?
    1. You just sit where ever you are and wait for customer ask you
    2. You welcoming them with smile and ask the customer what he/she want.
  2. When you start cutting hair, how well you control the head of the customer?
    1. Your head customer become back and forth and maybe make the customer become dizzy when cutting hair. You use a strong energy hand to control the head of customer.
    2. You control your customer head with gentle by only using your finger to instruct the customer head
  3. How long you cut mens hair?
    1. 1 to 2 hour
    2. 30 – 45 minute
    3. 15 minute
  4. Are you talking to the customer when you cut hair?
    1. No
    2. Sometime Yes and No
    3. Yes
  5. When you make a shaving, did it bleed?
    1. Yes
    2. Sometime
    3. No
  6. How well is your scissor?
    1. Blunt
    2. Very sharp
  7. Did the same customer come again after he/she cut hair from you?
    1. No
    2. Yes, it come again but in the long time
    3. Yes, once a month
  8. Is the customer thanks to you while in business reality you need to thanks them?
    1. No, i say thank you to them.
    2. No, they just pay and leave
    3. Yes, they thanks me for the nice haircut
  9. Did the customer wait for you to cut his/her hair while there is another option hairstylist at your place?
    1. No, they cut with another hairstylist.
    2. Yes, they wait for me even there is another hairstylist
  10. Did you get tips sometime when you cut customer hair?
    1. No, i never get tips
    2. Sometime a get tips

There you are the question to be answer by hairstylist in the world. So what is your mark and tell me at the comment area. K




10 to 15 —–> Poor

16 to 19 —–> Nice

20 to 25 —–> Perfect


So what is your result? Tell me in the comment area..


(This test is only for improvement for you hair style. I’m respecting you all if you not agree with it)

Mr Scissor or Mr S

Today I just want to share to you about Mr Scissor or Mr. S. Mr S is an important piece of equipment in doing a haircut. Without it, maybe you can’t cut other people hair. Without it, your life in the hair cutting arena will be end. Without it, you cannot be the best hairstylist in your salon.

And just forget about to be the best hairstylist in the world. So, Mr Scissor is very important thing to have in the hair cutting arena. I’m sure that you already have Mr S. I’m sure that the person, who read this post, has their own special Mr S. If you not have it, you better get it now. Because there is no point for you to read this post.Because this is only for a person who already have Mr S.

mr scissor


This is my Mr S. I named it Joe Jr. It always has been around me since 2010. It is a very sharp scissor that I ever had. I love it because it suit with my style and my hand. Joe Jr. is around 4 inches long. And about 10 gram weight. I know my Mr S very well you know. If I have to choose between shirt and scissor, I choose scissor. So, did you know your Mr. S very well like I do? Ok well, how actually the best way to use the Mr S? I know that this is the easy question to ask. I also asking my friend about it and he laugh about it and say “ ahahaha, take the scissor, put your finger in the hole and use it like this, ka-chingka-ching” as he talked, he also demonstrate to me how he do it. So, that it.Ohhh, no you don’t. It not as simple likes that actually.

There is some aspect that needs to be taking serious protocol when we want to use Mr S properly. If I use the way my friend as told me, I sure that within just 3 month, the scissor will become blunt. I’m very sure of it. Let me tell you the right way to hold the scissor. Picture 1 ( wrong hand) Picture 2(right hand) That the way, aha aha, I like it, aha aha. One more thing that is the most important in using the Mr S is the way we want to move it.

There is a right way to use this. Let me tell you. When you want to cut the hair, make sure you just only use the thumb finger to move it. Do not use the both finger movement. Why I said this, simply because of the energy. You will save more energy if you just use one finger instead for two finger of a whole hand energy. I know it sound simple but it really matter.

Plus, if you just use the thumb finger to move your scissor, the sharpness of the scissor will not affect where it will remain sharp as new. Even how many years you use it, it will still sharp. Well you see, my friend before use the opposite technique that I tell just now and proven within 3 month, he forced to buy a new scissor because his scissor already .

This might be simple information but it truly the powerful one. So there you are. Let together we take care of our Mr S in a good way so we don’t need to always buy a new one. Save you a money there. Do you have another agenda or suggestion about Mr S? Do you have any other best way to use it? Share it with us and the comment area. I would like to hear it. Show that you are pro in this cutting arena.

Hair Problem And Solution

This is about hair problem and solution for it. I’m writing this post because i’m concern about this hair problem and i want to help others to solve it. Keep reading.

Are you suffering with your hair? Are you looking for solution for this problem? It is so sad. I’m sorry for your hair. I know how you feel because i face many customer hairs with this type of problem. This hair problem and solution post will discover all about it.

Well, to be frank for you and to show my concern, i want to help you. Really. As i said,


“The dermatologist told me there was nothing I could do about my hair loss, but following the advice in How to Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally, my hair is starting to grow again.” – Mr. John H., Wales”


Click here to learn more about hair problem


 hair problem and solution

Resources picture from


And there are loads of other ways for you to solve this type of problem. As for me and our crew, feeling responsible for the customer and we just try to provide you with information and the thing that you can be doing to solve your problem. You might want to check this too so get to know more solution about your hair problem doe.


As you can see, we are not just making your hair look good, but also we are trying so hard to give the best to customer to regrow their hair. I’m feel sad when customer talk to me about this problem and i really try my best to help them.

Many factor has i been found produce this hair problem. It is such an age factor, eat factor, weather factor and hair treat factor. All this make the problem become worst.

So, i really want to help you by show you some causes of it and the solution where you can find it here.

p/s Love your hair bro. Do not lose it more and more.

Akademi Do Re Mi

Hey guys, come join our training program at Akademi Do Re Mi. We have the course for the person who want to join in our arena.

akademi do re mi


We are offering full course and also the short course. You can choose depend on your time because we offering the flexible time.

We will teach all the thing that we know about hair cutting. Plus we also covered the hair tattoo training. One in the world who offer this kind of training. You cannot find this kind of training at other place in the world. We the only one who offer this.

So take this opportunity now. We also offer 3 month training practice with allowance RM200/per month and also guaranteed work after finish the full course.

Plus, you will learn until you can do it for yourself. Any question, do not shy to ask about it about me at the given info graphic.

Welcome Back To School

Hei everyone, welcome back to school. We are here ready to give best support for you to cut your child hair with us.

Come on over and we will cut your child hair with the exclusive cutting your never see at other salon. Guaranteed pass the discipline teacher. Lets go together.

PROMOSI CUTI SEKOLAHThere you are. Our latest best promotion just for you. The most lowest rate ever.

Our place is at the outside Emart Matang Jaya. Watch for this sign where i put it outside my shop. To all my friend who have children, bring your child to me so that i can cut his hair as beautiful as it should. I’m the best among the best.


Grey Hair Causes And Solution

How are you and how are your hair? . But before you want to solve it, you need to know what is grey hair causes.

Solve This Grey Hair Problem Fast And Easy

Let me explain a little bit about this grey hair causes problem. Actually this is the most common problem that people will face. Some of the causes is simple because : (as i know from customer)


  • Getting Old - as the age become more older, you will faces this type of problem. As this problem occur to you, you must understand that your age become more older and you need to prepare for whatever you need to do. That is normal for older people who face this kind of hair problem.
  • Eating Wrong - i know that we cannot stop eating. But if you are not eating in a healthy way, you will face this hair problem more quickly. My friend of mine is actually still 25 years old already face this hair problem. Its simply because he eats a non nutrient food every day and also not drinking to much plain water. Not only he faces this hair problem, he also now face more health problem.
  • Thinking To Much - From my experience, most of them who face this problem is the person who thinking to much. The use their brain so hard and this make the person a busy person and have to time to care about his own hair. I’m not saying all but most of them. OK.
  • Wrong Shampoo Used - Well, as time revolving, many shampoo has been made to solve this grey hair problem. You can see it on the advertisement on TV, news or magazine where so many company offer a shampoo that can solve this problem but actually most of it is not working. Why this happen? I tell you more later on. K. So keep reading.
  • Wrong Hair Oil Used - Are you using the wrong hair oil NOW and keep faces this problem? If yes, so stop using it. K


SOLUTION :  Yes, let focus on how we can help you to solve this NOT WANTED GREY HAIR problem.

(This is only based on my own experiment and experience. I just try my best to help you guys to solve this problem. If you want more solution, simply click here. This will discover more about this solving Grey hair problem)


Have a look again to what causes of this hair problem. We will go through step by step of grey hair causes and also the solution of it. The first one is Getting Old. Yes, we cannot solve this problem because the time is running and running and running. We cannot stop it. Even powerful you are, you cannot stop the time from running. So what older people can do to stop this problem to happen? Yeah, this is best part.


 grey hair causes

We are not this guy. K. This guys not grow old. They still the same until the end.

As i always told to the customer “It is a nature of life. Everyone will face this problem. So just take it in the good way and stay close to Gods” Hehehe..


For the no 2 causes which is Eating Wrong. Well this I’m no expert in this part of which to teach you how to eat. But for me, for simple solution is eat more green food in which vegetable and less eating junk food, oily food, and etc. Or simply get F1 shake Herbalife. K. Its good for your health. Why i always take F1 shake Herbalife hahhh?? Well, I’m no Herbalife Distributor actually but I’m a user of it. It is a very good product ever.



For no 3 causes which is thinking too much. Well to solve this is easy. I’m not stopping you to think but i need you to be more relax and have a good smile every day. Be happy on whatever you are doing now. K. Enjoy man. Don’t be sad. Sad is not good.


Ok, now we go to no 4 which is Wrong Shampoo Used. Using the right shampoo is important to solve this problem. I know there are many shampoo that has been made. If you are now using that shampoo and still this hair problem occur, so my advice is stop using that shampoo. Try another shampoo until you find a right one. As for me, i used my lovely shampoo which is Rejoice. This is a good shampoo.” Hey there Rejoice, I’m promoting you. I want my share..hehehhehe — just kidding.” Try Rejoice guys. Maybe it wills suite you. I never change my shampoo. That is my secret of keep keeping my hair stay black.


 shampoo selected

Select the right best shampoo is important guys.

Ok, last but not least is Wrong Hair Oil Used. It is same advice for me like the previous one. Stop using that Hair Oil and try with other hair oil. Mine is Johnson n Johnson baby oil. I like it.


So, that all i can help you to solve this killer hair problem Grey hair.


If you want some more solution, you can read more here. More detail, more accurate about this hair problem. This is called “ Grey Hair No More” written by Alexander Miller. She also face this hair problem and get victory solving it while doctor deny it.


and see how it can help you to solve this problem !!

==>> Read More of Grey Hair No More

There are other solution that you can used. I’m no forcing you. You are freely to choose another way option to solve this problem. As long as you can solve it, i’m proud of you. Feel free to share to us on how you faces this problem by comment at below. K.
p/s Ol da best for what you doing. Be happy and avoid stress guys. This will help you to solve this problem.k More Info - Here’s How

Your truely person who really want to help you,


Dare to be different? Find out the way of hair tattoo design by us!

NEW – Amazing Hair Tattoo Design Style By Do Re Mi


Back when you go the salon, you were just cut your hair same as before. You feel that that kind of hairstyle seemed interesting and suit for you, fired up your hair with hair wax, and then you leaving the salon, feeling great with the same old hairstyle. Then you meet you friend. Hoping for they notice your hairstyle.


But, there no one wonder that you have cut you hair because it seems like your hairstyle look just normal as before.


And then you wondered why they haven’t notice? Why I can’t get the attention of my newly normal cut? What can I do to be different? Now you’re getting a little worried.


You’re not getting much attention. You’re not getting any respond for your hairstyle. You’re not making any different with it.

Not that you haven’t tried another hairstyle, of course.


You’ve done all the things professional hairstylist say to do, like changing your hairstyle with different style like Mohawk, or Flat Top, or Monkey hair and use the hair wax to give the life for the hair, but no matter how hard you try, no matter how many different hairstyle you try, none of it is working to getting much attention from other.


So you wonder…

What else can you do to make me look different?

Could you have chosen a wrong hairstyle that never has a chance of becoming more attention seeker?

What can you do?

Well… let’s find out.


Then, here is my specialty come. This is a hairstyle that you should be done by now. This kind of hairstyle has their own ability to make you look amazing, rocking and surely get notice after you done it.


And it is calling Hair Tattoo Design Style.


Well then, hair is the most important part of our body. It is an image of your identity. By cutting the different type of style especially hair tattoo design, it will make you different from others. How does this style actually? Good question. Let me brief you a little bit.


First, you need to know the truly meaning of each word which is Hair Tattoo Design.


This is referring from the Wikipedia and I have my own definition.


To know what hair means, you can refer from

To know what tattoo means, you can refer from

And to know what design means, you can refer from



That is the definition from Wikipedia. When this 3 combination define altogether, it will be


Hair + Tattoo + Design = Hair Tattoo Design


What a normal definition there. Well, this is my definition. From my perspective, the true meaning of hair tattoo design is:


H – Happening

hair tattoo design 15

A – Amazing

more hair tattoo design

I – insane

hair tattoo design

R – Rocking

hair tattoo design 17

T – Tremendous

hair tattoo design 16

A – Art

hair tattoo design 14

T – Tribal

hair tattoo design 12

T – Tattoo

hair tattoo design 11

O – Outstanding

hair tattoo design 10

O – Outrageous

hair tattoo design 9

D – Dashingly

hair tattoo design 8

E – Extreme

hair tattoo design 7

S – Superb

hair tattoo design 5

I – impossible

hair tattoo design 4

G – Gorgeous

hair tattoo design 3

N – Nescrogouelyexpectopetronum

hair tattoo design show


Hairstyle designs you ever seen in this world. For me, this is the true meaning of Hair Tattoo Design. When we combine it altogether,


Happening + Amazing + Insane + Rocking + Tremendous + Art + Tribal + Tattoo + Outstanding + Outrageous + Dashingly + Extreme + Superb + Impossible + Gorgeous + Nescrogouelyexpectopetronum  = Hair Tattoo Design. What a crazy’s definition. Can you feel it?


Do Re Mi The Great – One of the best things that we have is Hair Tattoo Design.
Not many salon in the world especially Kuching, Sarawak can do this because this type of hair cut is only can be done by hair tattoo professional.


Do Re Mi Crew is the greatest ever hair tattoo pro. The design is carefully plan and creatively done. All the design is uniquely design based on our own imagination and experience.

The hair tattoo design is like an art. It needs a full concentration to do it. Everyone can do it (I’m sure you can) but you need a skill of shaving before you can do it. You can refer to my blog to know what exactly I’m saying.


Simple Amazing Step of Shaving


But there a different lies deep inside between hairstylists. It is the blood art in your soul that makes it different. When we do the Hair tattoo design, we will make it very simple but it will look perfectly nice.

All the customer will be satisfy when they do hair tattoo at our Salon. They will be proud of the creation that we have made. They walk down the street with full of joy and feel the famous where all the eye focus on the hair tattoo. That what I’m saying of the blood art in the soul of hairstylist.


For the people who want to try this new style, do not hesitate to meet us. We will make it happen and we will make our best to satisfy you. One thing i want to tell you, Please don’t try this at home because it too dangerous if you not the Hair Tattoo Pro.


Price For You To Pay – The starting price for this hair style is RM20 and above. We are offering the lowest price ever. I just heard from my friend at KL, he told me that at KL they are charging about RM50++ for this hair tattoo. Some people at America charge about until $1000 for the hair tattoo design.


If you at Kuala Lumpur, then you can meet my hair tattooed friend. Here at Sungei Wang.


Can you see? This is the most valuable hair style. The price shows that this is a quality hairstyle which deserve precious price. You are missing the opportunity to gain more money where by mastering this type of hair design, you can make big money. Forget about straightening, perming style or colour and concentrate yourself by mastering this type of hairstyle. Your customer will be amaze.


Back with the price, we offer the lowest price you ever get but we do the best tattoo design.

Made For Joy – Style meets creative art in the hair, which is staging a comeback in a big way. Aside from making a statement on the crowd, hair tattoo design is a great option for attention seeker. Unique and with the outstanding art – what’s not to love?
<—–Featuring a stylist range of hair style in glamorous, outstanding hair design with the combination of henna for your festive season, this hair style look set to wow devotees worldwide. For all customers, be ensuring to explore and indulge in the best of different hair design style that are design by Do Re Mi Crew.


Our Audience – Nowadays, our customer comes from many places and from many regions. Thank you to our entire lovely customer because you have given us a very good cooperation. Without you, we cannot survive. We love doing what are we are doing now.



We hope you guys keep supporting us and we are welcoming you to our Salon and be your friend. We can be reaching at this number 013-8362514 (Joe SMS only) or just email me.


We will continue to give our best to you. That is our promises. It is a nice pleasure to give service for you by doing hair tattoo design. We really want to see you with the creative design that we make.


More hair tattoo style…Enjoy guys the creative hair design.




The art of Hair Tattoo” – In the style spostlight…

focus in all that need


Glam It up – Even the simplest design, your hair can be transformed with the outstanding hair tattoo design.


Our Statement – Lately, Do Re Mi has been published in the local news Utusan Sarawak.  It shows on Style page. This show that we are the best in what we do. It has been a phenomenon hair style, here in Kuching. Many customers want to do the hair design made by Do Re Mi because of the beauty art lies in it. I’m not talking nonsense.

new report

Also we are featuring on the Chop talk show during Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2012. Why they want to interview us? Why? Simply because we bring the excitement to the hair.

rwmf4 rwmf3

Want to see more? So, keep reading…

The Art of Hair Tattoo Introduction – When it comes to hair tattoo design, do re mi crew are considered to be in a world of their own. Simple, elegant, and unique in design – we are the king of the tattoo world. And Do Re Mi tattoo is the king of the kings.

There are so many unique tattoo designs in our head. With it exquisite design, it is no wonder that our tattoo design is the best. For customer who seek for a new hair style, Hair tattoo is a most stylish to try. Different salon has different style and we have our own style.



Through The Years, We All Will Be TogetherStart your festive season with the new hair style and allow us at Do Re Mi Salon and his crew to design your hair. Viva la vida loka. Bring on the smiles everyone…



Design In StyleIf you are the person who likes to talk, come visit us here. We like to be your friend because Do Re Mi Crew is the friendlier person you will ever meet. We are rich with the smile. Hope to see you soon. Bring your entire friend and don’t forget the camera so that it can become memorial glamorous moment in your life.


A Grand Celebration!!! – In Malaysia, Sarawak is probably the most popular in designing tattoo. There is no other place like Sarawak. We are proud to be Sarawakian. While the blood art flowing in our blood of Sarawakian, the hair tattoo design that we made include a lot of art which many people call it the tribal art tattoo.


From Gawai season, Christmas season, Raya season, New Year season and many more festive seasons here are bringing us a lot of hair tattoo creation. It has been a best hair style choice by customer.


Ready and Go – Our Do Re Mi crew is the best in designing hair tattoo. We are always ready to make the hair tattoo for you. Under the skilful hands of expert, your hair will be the most unique and incredible hair in the world.


Attention: Hurry up! Hurry up! Get more inspired with the new amazing hair style design by Do Re Mi.


To know more about what we are doing, click the button below friend…


“Unlock The Secret Book”

Get inspired and show yourself to the world who you really are.

Get your hair tattoo today by bringing our secret book. Unlock our Secret Hair Tattoo Book which I have compiled. This is the collection of what we have done through all this year. Don’t miss out.


It is free. If you like it, tell other and share it. Don’t be selfish. So we all together feel the amazing, outstanding, gorgeous, creative hair tattoo design. Bring the photo in your hand phone and show it to the salon and own the hair design style. Surely you will be proud of it. Many people have done like that.


My Last Word, SHARE IT – Enjoy all the hair tattoo design definition that I tell above, feel it and love it and cut it. Bring the photo along. Remember this site which I will remind you again . Share it to your FB.


Bookmark it now and get your haircut done with the style look that I show. Take a picture of it and send it to me at my email. Share it to me and to the world of hair tattoo. Share it with us where I will feature you in our next post. Special post just for you because we share the same enjoyment. Let together make the world a better place of beautiful hair.